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Location Monitoring

Location Monitoring (LM) 

Location Monitoring (LM) is an alternative to detention. It is a condition imposed by the Court to reduce community risk, ensure compliance with conditions of supervision, and promote law-abiding behavior. The levels of restriction in the LM program may range from a curfew to 24-hour home incarceration:

  • Curfew requires the participant to remain at the approved residence during set time periods. 
  • Home Detention requires the participant to remain at the approved residence at all times, except for preapproved and scheduled absences for employment, education, religious activities, treatment, attorney visits, court appearances, court-ordered obligations, or other activities as approved by the officer. 
  • Home Incarceration is the most restrictive component of the LM program. It requires the participant to be at the approved residence 24 hours a day, except for medical necessities and court appearances or other activities specifically approved by the court. Participants who are supervised under a home incarceration component may not receive discretionary leave, essential leave, or leave for religious activities without the court’s approval. 
  • Stand-Alone Monitoring has no residential curfew restrictions. Participants must comply with the location or travel restrictions imposed by the court.  

Additional information regarding Federal Location Monitoring can be found here

How to Make Payments for Location Monitoring 

To pay by this method you must enroll in an online account. To create your online account, you will need your Account Number and an Invoice Number. Both numbers can be found on an invoice sent from BI, Inc. Payments may be made online using a bank account, debit, credit, or prepaid card at  

Payments may be made over the phone with a debit, credit, or prepaid card by calling BI, Inc. at 877-666-6349. Only your name is needed for this method. 

Payments may be mailed to BI, Inc., 6265 Gunbarrel Avenue, Boulder, CO 80301, in the form of a cashier's check or money order, made payable to BI, Inc. No cash will be accepted.