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Monthly Supervision Reporting

For Pretrial Defendants and Persons Under Supervision 

You may be directed to provide written monthly documentation of your status in the form of a Monthly Supervision Report (MSR). This report must be submitted by the 5th of each month. You may submit the report by mail, electronically, or as directed by your assigned officer. This report must be completed fully, front and back. It must be signed and dated. You are also required to provide copies of your paystubs as proof of monthly income. All information must be accurate and truthful. The U.S. Probation Officer closely reviews these reports each month. 

Pretrial Services Monthly Supervision Report  Fillable PTS MSR - English.pdf
Pretrial Services Monthly Supervision Report - Spanish  Fillable PTS MSR - Spanish.pdf 
Post-Conviction Monthly Supervision Report Fillable PC MSR - English.pdf 
Post-Conviction Monthly Supervision Report - Spanish  Fillable PC MSR - Spanish.pdf 
Directions for Completing the Monthly Supervision Report  MSR Instructions.pdf

Electronic Reporting 


If you have access to a computer and have a personal email address, your officer may enroll you in the electronic reporting system. If interested, please discuss the suitability of this reporting method with your assigned officer.

Probation and Pretrial Services Electronic Reporting System 

Electronic Reporting System (eMSR) Instructions Electronic Reporting System (eMSR) Instructions.pdf